The horselords of Wargar are a militaristic unit based out of the Rivendell chapter. Renown for their field strategy, teamwork and mind for logistic the uniformed soldiers of Wargar are methodical and disciplined to the core.

"If a man does not strike first, he will be first struck."

Unit Details

Fast moving, the shock troopers in Wargar are strict to their formations and rely on a series of commanding officers to guide and direct their series of column charges and marches. Focusing their fighting prowess on group effectiveness they pride themselves in their discipline and regulated formations.

Basing their uniform and aesthetic on the steppe culture of Mongolia they also mix in variations on Viking design to create a "modernized" version of the Rohan look from Tolkien's histories. Their uniform knit's are made to resemble an augmented Rohan soldier with variations of the northern steppe aesthetic. Your typical Wargar line fighter is equipped with a round shield, short-sword, and surrounded by lines of spearmen supporting them. If there is one truth to fighting a Wargar soldier it is that you'll never face them on their own.


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Early in the Fifth Age of the world the Wargar are lead out of the plains of Rohan by their Lord General, Dayen. Accompanied by his Command Staff and trusted Lancer Sergeants the war party travels across the known world maintaining their strict militaristic code while spreading their culture and ways with the people of the land. Noble and just, you'll always find the horselords of Wargar fighting for those who cannot protect themselves and seeking to rout out the evil of the world.

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